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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 4, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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amazing video caught on camera. a prison guard attack and you might be surprised to see who comes to his rescue. a lot of truth will come out and that's all i have to say on that. >> mayor dixon is ready for a fight. tonight, we talked to the insiders at the city hall corruption trial is now just five days away. . but first at 11, it has happened again. another woman raped on the streets of baltimore not far from an m.t.a. bus stop. police say this is the third attack in a span of just five days. they're not certain all the rapes are connected but they are warning women to be extra careful. christian schaffer has been following the study. he's live from police headquarters tonight. >> reporter: investigators won't
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know for sure that the same man committed all three of these attacks until dna samples can be analysed but the attacks are similar enough to cause concern that a serial rapist might be on the streets of baltimore looking for his next victim. talk to women in northeast baltimore and you hear the same thing. >> they need to catch him, quick. >> reporter: shortly after midnight wednesday morning, a woman in her early 20s got off an m.t.a. bus and began walking home. police say a man approached her in the 2700 block of brendan avenue, showed a gun, led her to a dark alley, and raped her. this past friday, another woman was waiting for a bus in the 1300 block of harford avenue when a man threatened her with a sharp piece of glass and raped her. and saturday morning, another woman was raped after being attacked while waiting for a bus near hillan and coleman streets in teas baltimore. >> there are -- east baltimore. >> there are certain
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similarities and differences. we're going to err on the side of caution. we want the public to know. >> reporter: the victim of the second attack was able to help police assemble this composite sketch. it shows a black male with a moustache and beard wearing a hooded sweat shirt. >> stay in the house, i guess. it's a shame you got to stay in the house, but what are you going to do? >> reporter: police are telling women there is safety in numbers. >> we want to get the word out so people know to be really cognizant of their surroundings and do what they can to not give this sexual predator the opportunity that he looks for. >> reporter: april austin got the message. her mother usually walks to the bus stop near the scene of the brendan avenue attack. >> my mom does early in the morning, so but now she won't be. no, she'll be getting a ride. >> reporter: in addition to the three rapes near bus stops, there have been another six around the city of baltimore over about the past two weeks. police do not believe the six are related to each other or to the three that happened near
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m.t.a. bus stops. christian schaffer, abc2 news. and speaking to the media today, the mayor expressed displeasure in the city's ability to get word of these rapes out to the public. while she was decidedly annoyed, she stopped short of criticising her administration or the city police department. and she has a lot on her plate these days. mayor dixon is days away from the first of two city hall corruption trials and tonight two city hall insiders are talking about the challenges she will face. terry owens is here with more. >> reporter: we heard from former city council president lawrence bell and former dixon staffer anthony mccarthy. both have known the mayor for years and one of them was questioned during the investigation that led to her indictment. as mayor dixon prepares to stand trial on charges of theft, two former city hall insiders say she faces an uphill battle. >> if she can turn this around. it's not going to be easy. the problem is, you know, you
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have the legal issues and then the moral issues and all those mesh together. >> reporter: former city council president lawrence bell is among those reminding the public that dixon should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. he believes the mayor can function in office until the trial plays out and explain how she survivors politically. >> she says, look, may have made mistakes in judgement but i didn't violate the law and i'm sorry about what i did and i'm going to try to move on. >> reporter: a fiery mayor dixon sparred with reporters at city hall and bristle add questions she may be working on a plea deal. >> i have no, no reason that i'm going to resign. >> if any mayor can handle being in a courtroom every okay and make sure the city government is running dixon can do that. >> reporter: anthony mccarthy
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served in two dixon administrations and was questioned by prosecutors leading up to the indictments. >> if she is acquitted, she has a lot of bridge building to do to rebuild her reputation, to rebuild the faith that people have. >> reporter: you can see the entire bell with bell and mccarthy on to the point on saturday morning at 6 a.m. we also asked mr. bell about his political future. terry owens, abc2 news. and just six days, dc area serial sniper john allen muhammad is scheduled to die by lethal injection. he wrote a letter last year proclaiming his inseptember. he's set to be executed for dilg myers at a virginia gas station. myers was one of the ten people killed during a three-week murder spree in october of 2002 across virginia, maryland, and washington, d.c. a group of students at the
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maryland school for the deaf are facing serious charges after sexually assaulting a fellow student, allegedly. all of the them lived in the same dorm. the victim has been released in the hospital. the latest on the grisly discovery inside the cleveland home of a convicted sex offender. today, cleveland police found a skull in the basement of the home, bringing to 11 the total number of victims. authorities also identified one of the bodies as a 52-year-old woman who had been missing since last year. police continue to search the home and have not ruled out the possibility more remains will be found. >> it's very challenging from an investigative standpoint, from an emotional standpoint. >> the home's owner, 50-year-old anthony sowell, has been charged with multiple counts of murder. . nice day today. then the clouds moved in and
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also some scattered showers. maryland's most powerful radar showing the majority of the shower activity down in the south making its way to the east. still some showers in the west as we're not quite done with the system as it passes over the mid-atlantic. for tonight, cloudy skies, a few showers, 42 for the overnight low here in the city, but look for cooler temperatures in the northern and western suburbs. our complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. an update on the stier story we brought you at six. the senate has voted to extend the first time home owner credit. and also unemployment benefits will be increased to 20 weeks in all states including maryland. the measure goes on to the president for his signature. the h1n1 virus continues to be a concern. but has this area seen the worst of it? there is apparently a slight downturn in cases in and around
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baltimore. medical experts are still running samples at johns hopkins hospital but the specimens are fewer and they aren't seeing as many positive h1n1 cases. >> we've noticed that both in the hospital and in the community, it seems that fewer people are presenting for acute care for influenza-like illnesses. we noticed that with a number of people getting hospitalized, the number of people getting tested for influenza. >> doctors caution this is not the time to let down your defenses. getting the vaccine is still a top priority. pregnant women are in the high risk group for flu. >> we've seen ten people to get the ingestible vaccine which is the preparation they're receiving and it's going well and i look forward to seeing more. >> reporter: this clinic was done on call-in basis and will be open again tomorrow at the baltimore health department. one woman who wishes she could
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have had her daughter vaccinated is speaking out about the dangers of the flu. destiny parker was an eighth grader and died from the swine flu before the vaccine was available. she is urging parents to get their children vaccinated. >> this is not a joke. we need to do whatever precautions that is in place that we can do. >> the federal government recently announced the swine flu vaccine is becoming more and more available. and if you want to find a list of the h1n1 or the seasonal flu shots in your area, go to our website,, we work for you on line, 24/7. motorists in the area are being warned to be on the lookout for amorous deer. we're in the thick of mating season and that has bucks out looking for love. you don't believe us? take a look at this. of all the things you could come
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across wandering the streets of baltimore in the middle of the night this is probably not one of them. this is video of police officers trying to control an eight-point buck on the street. he may have heard there were some nice looking does in glen false park. let get a load of this. white squirrels, not albino, but actual white ones. an expert says colonies of white squirrels are found in a dozen cities east of the mississippi. white squirrels is more rare than a deer in west baltimore. a new direction for chrysler including a new logo, more price kits on toys at wal-mart, and when a free credit report is actually not. our two degree guarantee was 5 degrees. i thought we wouldn't make that
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but the daytime high at bwi was 53 degrees for the daytime high. all things considered, we got the two degree guarantee, we've had it five days in a row, and our winner this morning, if the computer will cooperate. we'll have his name in a couple of minutes. just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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. meet the new chrysler motors. a brand new crop of executives are trying to drive the company into a profitable future. leaders today held a day-long summit debuting the new logo. a new recall from chrysler today also, that plus why can't the
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government shut down bogus kridity card sites. john matarese is here with more. >> reporter: a front page story asks why the government can't shut down free credit report websites that aren't really free. you know, every year thousands of people in greater baltimore sign up for what they think is a free credit report but it's not. >> free credit they monitor your credit and sent you e-mail alerts. >> reporter: thanks to that ad, millions of people go to free credit, only problem, they're not free. that's right. it is not free. you end up paying more than $10 a month forever. but the new york times says free credit is able to keep operating because it pays a small annual fine to the ftc and it's added fine print to its web page. if you remember one thing, remember this. free credit is not free. chrysler is recalling more than 13,000 cars because of a slight
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risk of a wheel separating on the highway. in english that means the wheel might fall off. it involves recent models of the 300, the dodge charger and dodge challenger. only 2009 and 2010 models had affected. they may be missing a nut that holds the while to the axle. check with your dealer. a few weeks ago we reported that wal-mart was slashing prices on toys to $10 each. the most popular toys were still more expensive sore wal-mart has announced it's slashing more toy prices. it's cutting prices 20 to 30% on 100 more toys. this is in addition to those $10 deals announced last month. now, greater baltimore target stores cut many of their toy prices in response to wal-mart's last price cut. they're expected to match some of these, as well. go to our website for more on this report. i'm john matarese.
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out of florida, a surveillance camera has an inmate choke and attacking a deputy. a sheriff's officer spokesman says he escaped serious injury because other inmates came to his rescue. a few other stories topping our look at news around the nation. despite everything, we're hearing about economic recovery. some unsettling news from microsoft. the software giant will eliminate 800 more positions from its workforce. microsoft would not spees fie when they'll happen but the company says they'll be spread across multiple businesses and locations across the globe. when they say look for the fork in the road, they mean it! the giant dinner fork is 18 feet tall. it's appearance a few days ago was a mystery at first but now we've gotten the bunch line. it's a birthday tribute for the
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founder after local comedy club. no joke here, an amazingly large litter. a dog named daisy may delivered 21 puppies over a 20-hour period in missouri, or maybe that's misery, at least if you're daisy may. we couldn't resist showing you this adorable pup. this pup was born with two legs, and she has some special help now. the humane society in arizona has a second chance animal hospital that relies on donations. they hope to fit the dog with a special device that will allow her to get around a little easier. . the wonders of computers. the -- our computer that we use to generate our graphic decided to not perform at all.
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>> it crashed. >> not all that. it's not smoking yet but we're expecting it to just about any time. we have absolutely no graphics so you'll have to use the radio experience. >> your imagination. >> use your imagination. hey, earlier today i gave you a 2 degree guarantee 55 dedegrees. we have a winner, that's mike chisle of baltimore. you scored an abc 2 umbrella. we have a bunch of clouds and a few scattered showers right now. we had a lot of sunshine during the day, but right now you can see some of those scattered showers down to the south continuing to make their way from west to east. now, a lot of that rainfall or shower activity, i should say, did not reach the ground. it was virga, which is raining in the upper atmosphere. our temperatures then started
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sliding down. we're in the lower 40s. in the downtown we're at 47, at bwi we're down to 45. what's going to be happening tomorrow morning as this whole system -- it's small little disturbance making its way across the eastern seaboard. as it makes its way across our region we'll continue with the clouds through tomorrow morning, as the morning goes along and up until the noontime hour, the clouds break up and by the afternoon some sunshine. the temperature tomorrow is going to be very much like today. about in the mid-50s. then tomorrow afternoon, after the sun comes out, clearer skies. what do you have you when have clearer skies? >> colder temperatures. >> that's exactly right. what's going to be happening, as the area of high pressure moves in with the sunshine we'll see cooler temperatures on friday. but saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine makes its way back into the region with high pressure continuing to build back into the region and we'll start to warm up. next chance for precipitation is not going to be coming until tuesday. but in the meantime, again,
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quite a bit of sunshine on tap, but you will wake up to clouds and tomorrow morning you're not going to see any rainfall tomorrow morning, any shower activity tonight was so few and far between you might see one or two sprinkles on your wind screen but that's about it. high pressure going to give us extremely nice weather for the next couple of days, all the way down through the weekend, and monday looking okay, and tuesday a chance for scattered showers. again, tonight, congratulations to mike chisle of baltimore, we did hit a two degree guarantee. >> justin may have flash cards for you tomorrow morning but we'll see if we can get the computer working by then. >> thanks, norm. [ bell ringing ]. >> now to your money and another rollercoaster day on wall street. the fed's decision to hold rates steady triggered the dow to go up, the nasdaq down two, and the
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s&p up one. flight mason managed to close up more than 1%. black and decker today lost more than 3%. speaking of black and decker, we're learning more about the merger deal with stanley tools. black and dealer ceo nolan archbald will get a $45 million bonus if on the third anniversary of the merger the combined company is saving $350 million or more in pretax costs. in taking on that deal, archbald is leaving a severance package on the table worth more than $20 million. a huge kick-off return for a touchdown just may have saved the ravens' season, but there was one player who not only knew it was going to happen, he saw it happening in his mind.
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. the senior golf tour is taking a one-year break from the baltimore country club. the pga says the senior players
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championship will move to the ptc at alvinal farm for next year. the tour will return to bcc in 2011. could sunday's bronco busting win turn this ravens' season around? only time will tell. but this kick-off return for a score may go down as the spark this team need. apparently ray louis new it was going to happen. paul jaffe caught up with the team and they couldn't stop talking about ray's premonition. >> it was great. to hear it from lewis to believe in it, you know to actually have a vision and say that aim going to make a big play, you know, it was nice. >> sometimes, you know, you feel something. sometimes you see things. you want to pass on your true belief. >> when i heard the story, i was, i was curious to know if ray was seeing anything else, like the play before the opponent runs it.
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that could be a big advantage for us. ray's a visionary leader. >> i'm not predicting one for me. maybe i got to, you know, bring up some lunch or doughnuts or something, coffee, but he ain't predicting one for me. he's a great aristotle. >> touchdown! derek mason. >> single coverage. hadn't been done in 13 years and it won't be done. two is a possibility, three, i got to work a little bit harder. four? kelly washington is open. i don't mind. >> give him credit, they've been winning games. on a hot streak. did a great job with the bears. we playing divisional games these are like, you know, playoff games. we split the series with them. we'll still be sitting fine. so that's our goal is to try and split the series. >> going to do what they do best
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and we're going to do what we do best and it becomes a test match all over again so the teams, you know, you don't want to be too predictable but you don't want to get away from what you do that has gotten you to where you are. we have to wait and see. >> they red to cincinnati with the rematch with the bengals. game time is 1 p.m. at tom brown stadium. minor league soccer club wants a stadium and they want to be where the action is. they want a 7,000 seat stadium built in the camden industrial park. the team now place at unbc. the maryland state authority has agreed to look into -- $30 million proposal. a second proposal for dc united is being looked at as well. $24 million in stadium related projects, 4 million will go toward a new score board at m & t.
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another 10 million used for structural improvements at camden yards. the rest approved to pay for energy conservation measures at both stadiums. the money comes from the state authority budget which is primarily funded by the state lottery. norm will have a final look at your forecast, coming up next. stay with us. tomorrow on good morning maryland, an internet fraud scam is back with new ways to steal your personal data. that story plus weather, traffic, and more tomorrow on good morning maryland. (announcer) nothing matches that dentist level of clean. but imagine if you could get that dentist smooth clean feeling every time you brush at home. ♪
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. our great epg nears have been able to recover a frame from the 6:00 show. there's your forecast for tomorrow. partly cloudy, 55 degrees. cloudy in the morning but gets better as the day goes along. look for sunshine with some warmer temperatures by saturday and sunday. in the meantime, i've left a note for justin, hopefully he'll get the computer up and running tomorrow morning. >> thank you for watching. you can go to your computer and follow all the stories we're covering on see you tomorrow, good night. (announcer) it's what doctors recommend most for headaches.
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